What movie has the song To Sir with Love?

What band played in the movie To Sir With Love?

The band at the dance, The Mindbenders, was the original backing band for Wayne Fontana. Fontana and the band had a hit with "Game of Love" while the group themselves had a hit with "Groovy Kind of Love".

Who wrote the song To Sir With Love?

Don Black wrote the lyrics and Mark London composed the music. Black revealed to the Sunday Times August 10, 2008: "It's one of the very, very few songs that I've worked on where I've written the words first.

What was burning in the stove in the movie To Sir With Love?

Thackeray retains a calm demeanour, but loses his temper when he discovers something being burned in the classroom stove, which turns out to be a girl's sanitary towel.

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