What phase is Gorillaz in 2022?

Are Gorillaz releasing a new album?

Gorillaz announce upcoming album 'Cracker Island', with new single featuring Tame Impala. Gorillaz are returning with their eighth studio album, 'Cracker Island', due for release in February 2023.Sep 1, 2022

When did Gorillaz break up?

Hiatus and Humanz (2014–17) Following the release of DoYaThing and the publicization of Albarn and Hewlett's fall-out in 2012, Gorillaz entered a multiyear hiatus.

Did Gorillaz do a face reveal?

Animated group Gorillaz show their real faces for the first time during live show. CARTOON pop act Gorillaz dropped their disguises for the first time at a major UK show as Damon Albarn's "virtual" band began a two-night run of gigs.Apr 30, 2010

Will Gorillaz end?

Gorillaz Unveil Massive Plans For Closing Out 2022.May 16, 2022

image-What phase is Gorillaz in 2022?
image-What phase is Gorillaz in 2022?
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