What song does Nas album done sample?

What song made DJ Khaled famous?

“I'm So Hood,” with T-Pain, Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, and Plies, scored him his first outright hit—and the official remix of the song, which added more than twice as many new verses, became a mark of his growing reach. In recent years, Khaled has used his influence to transform himself into a sort of rap Tony Robbins.May 4, 2021

When did DJ Khaled God did come out?

God Did is the thirteenth studio album by American record producer DJ Khaled. It was released through We the Best Music and Epic Records on August 26, 2022.

Where was Nas album done filmed?

DJ Khaled and Nas shot the video for “Nas Album Done” in the Bahamas, complete with an appearance from Dancehall legend/actor Louie “Ox” Rankin.Aug 16, 2016

Is DJ Khaled Mexican?

Born and Raised in Louisiana

Born as Khaled Mohamed Khaled on November 26, 1975 in New Orleans, Louisiana, DJ Khaled was exposed to music at a young age. His Palestinian parents were musicians who encouraged their son's love for rap and soul music. He has a brother, Alec Ledd (Alla Khaled), who is an actor.
Nov 12, 2017

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