What song plays in A Walk to Remember?

Did Mandy Moore sing in A Walk to Remember?

Moore sang Switchfoot's “Only Hope” in A Walk to Remember, and while the song was released before the movie was made, it's not the track that got Moore her audition. Shankman knew he had found the right actor to play Jamie when he heard one of Moore's own songs on the radio.Jan 30, 2021

Was only hope written for A Walk to Remember?

It was written by Jon Foreman for their 1999 album New Way to Be Human. The Christian-themed song is featured prominently in one of the scenes of the 2002 film A Walk to Remember.

Does A Walk to Remember make you cry?

A So-So Cry: Jamie's Illness

The whole premise of A Walk to Remember is that Jamie has leukemia and only has a year or so left to live. Like any Nicholas Sparks' story, it'll make you cry at the futility of the situation. The way we get to know Jamie and grieve at her impending loss is a well-earned weep.
Mar 11, 2022

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