What was Kenny Rogers last recording?

What was Kenny Rogers most successful song?

But when Kenny Rogers had the biggest single of his career singing the Lionel Richie composition “Lady,” he elected, unsurprisingly, to continue making his own brand of pop R&B.

How many of Kenny Rogers songs did he write?

Out of the 42 songs that Kenny Rogers landed in the Billboard Hot 100, he only wrote or co-wrote five of them: 1977's “Sweet Music Man,” 1978's “Love Or Something Like It,” 1982's “Love Will Turn You Around,” and 1984's “Crazy” and “What About Me?” But that says less about his relative lack of prolificacy with a pen ...Mar 21, 2020

What was Kenny Rogers first big hit?

In the late 1970s Rogers hit his stride. Going solo again, he had his first major hit with the ballad “Lucille,” which won him a Grammy Award for best male country vocal performance (1977).

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image-What was Kenny Rogers last recording?
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