When was the dubstep era?

What was the first dubstep?

The earliest dubstep releases date back to 1998 and were darker, more experimental, instrumental dub remixes of 2-step garage tracks attempting to incorporate the funky elements of breakbeat, or the dark elements of drum and bass into 2-step, which featured B-sides of single releases.

Who was the first dubstep artist?

Dubstep to the world

Tuning in was the legendary John Peel, who via his own show on BBC Radio 1, introduced the sound to an even wider audience.

What was the first popular dubstep song?

This week one decade ago, "Louder," featuring Sian Evans, made history when it became the first dubstep song to reach #1 in the UK. The explosion of UK dubstep dates back to the mid 2000s, when iconic artists such as Skream, Benga, Rusko, and Caspa began making waves in the underground music scene.Jul 19, 2021

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