Where did Rattlin Bog come from?

Who is the rattlin bog girl?

Patrice O'Connor (Davern) and Clodagh McCarthy became global sensations back in 2017 with their late-night performance of the Irish folk classic. The song became one of the most widely shared Irish videos to ever hit the internet with Patrice and Clodagh earning the moniker of The Rattlin' Bog Sisters in the process.May 17, 2019

How do you make a rattlin bog?

The rules are simple: everyone sits in a circle and takes turns drinking to the chorus in a counterclockwise cycle. So to start, you'll need to find the song Rattlin' Bog. It's one of those Irish generational jig type song, so there's really no specific artist that sings it.Feb 24, 2021

Who composed rattlin bog?

Original versions of The Rattlin' Bog by Schooner Fare | SecondHandSongs.

image-Where did Rattlin Bog come from?
image-Where did Rattlin Bog come from?
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