Who are Fauna Hodel's daughters?

Did Fauna Hodel ever meet her mother?

Fauna simply called the operator and asked if they had a number for a "Tamar Nais Hodel" living in Hawaii. Just like that, they were in touch. In 1974, around the age of 23, Fauna traveled to Hawaii to meet her birth mother, who gave her answers to some of the questions that had been plaguing her.

Is the root of evil podcast real?

Root of Evil is the companion podcast to TNTs limited series I Am the Night. Inspired by the true story of the Hodel family, the series stars Chris Pine and comes from acclaimed Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins.

Who was Tamar Hodel's biological mother?

Unfortunately, Tamar was forced to participate in these parties beginning at the age of 11. Tamar and her mother, model Dorothy Anthony, had lived in the house along with George's other women and children.Feb 11, 2019

image-Who are Fauna Hodel's daughters?
image-Who are Fauna Hodel's daughters?
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