Who are the Spartax Marvel?

Is Peter Quill a Spartax?

He Was Set Up And Voted Out. Peter was given the role of Ruler of Spartax in a later series of Guardians. It's the role he was always meant to fill, considering his dad J'Son had been the ruler before him.Oct 25, 2021

Is Star-Lord a Celestial?

Portrayed by. Peter Jason Quill is a Celestial-Human hybrid who was abducted from Earth in 1988 by the Yondu Ravager Clan, and raised as one of their members, eventually building a reputation as the notorious intergalactic outlaw Star-Lord.

Is Star-Lord half god?

We learn in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 that Star-Lord has had celestial abilities since he was born. While his mother is a human of earth, his father is the celestial god Ego who makes up half of Star-Lord's DNA, therefore making Star-Lord half celestial being.Jun 2, 2018

Is Star-Lord an eternal?

No Eternity Ties to Star-Lord

It's also connected with the all-powerful being Infinity. Their power is only exceeded by that of the Living Tribunal, which was referenced in 2016's Doctor Strange.
Nov 8, 2021

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image-Who are the Spartax Marvel?
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