Who does the music for Westworld?

What classical music is in Westworld?

"Claire de Lune" by Claude Debussy

This song first plays as a quiet guitar cover when Dolores and William are walking through Pariah. But it comes back in full force later when Ford is playing the piano in a bar William and Teddy stop into.
May 6, 2020

What is the significance of the piano in Westworld?

The player piano is therefore more than just a metaphor for Westworld's robots. It represents the repetition of play in which the audience interacts, straddling the divide between past and present. As the robotic hosts become more sentient in season two, it will be interesting to see how the instrument is used.Apr 18, 2018

What song is Dolores playing on the piano?

Sonata No 2 for Piano B Flat Major Op 35

Dolores plays piano at a retirement party for Mr. Delos.
Apr 29, 2018

Who does the music for Westworld season 4?

Ramin Djawadi on Westworld season 4 and House of the Dragon scores | 17, 2022

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