Who is Illaois God?

Is Illaoi a girl?

An intense woman, the priestess is fully committed to the experience of living. She takes what she wants, destroys what she hates, and revels in everything she loves. However, to truly know Illaoi you must understand the religion she has devoted her life to.

Are Illaoi and gangplank related?

According to the story of Illaoi, she is Gangplank's first love. In a Miss Fortune conversation, an entourage talking about Illaoi, she revealed that Illaoi and Gangplank had a “relationship” with each other. It can be said that this is a “one-night affair” between these two champions.Jul 20, 2019

Who created Illaoi?

Illaoi was the first League of Legends character I had the chance to work on at Riot! Christopher Campbell was the concept artist who conceived and developed this champion.Apr 11, 2017

image-Who is Illaois God?
image-Who is Illaois God?
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