Who is Porte diferente signed to?

How old is the singer from Porte diferente?

It's composed of Enrique Macias Jr (14-years-old; on bajoloche, a four-string acoustic bass), Miguel Ángel Salazar González (19-years-old; on requinto, a six-string nylon guitar), Miguel Angel Medina (20-years-old; on guitar) and Brayan Ulises Andrade Pedrego (19-years-old; lead singer).Oct 15, 2020

Where is Bryan from Porte diferente from?

The foursome from Fort Worth, Texas, composed of lead singer Brayan Andrade, Miguel Medina, Enrique Macias and Miguel Salazar, have been steadily gaining streams through 2020, but it was their sophomore album, Es Diferente, that took them to breakthrough status.Nov 5, 2020

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