Who is the most popular French rapper?

Is rap popular in France?

France now has the most active hip hop culture in all of Europe. Its hip hop market is second only to the United States. Hip hop's success in France is due to various reasons. The French language is fast and flowing, harmonizing with rap and giving off an eloquent effect.Jan 24, 2019

Is there French rap?

French hip hop is the hip hop music style developed in French-speaking countries. France is the second largest hip-hop market in the world after the United States.

Who is a famous French rapper?

Oxmo Puccino

He is highly respected by the French rap industry and after 20 years of career, he has collaborated with all the biggest names.

When did rap start in France?

Hip-hop came to France early. By the late-70's New York's best crews were touring the country, soon after hip-hop radio stations began cropping up in Paris. In 1984 Parisian DJ and producer Dee Nasty released “Paname City Rappin',” arguably the first French-language hip-hop record.

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image-Who is the most popular French rapper?
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