Who owns ChenMed?

What type of company is ChenMed?

ChenMed, headquartered in Miami, is a privately owned medical, management and technology company that brings concierge-style medicine — and better health outcomes — to the neediest populations. Physician-led and privately owned, ChenMed is a provider of choice for some 20 Medicare Advantage health insurance plans.

How many states is ChenMed?

"Our commitment to underserved communities has never been stronger," says Christopher Chen, M.D. ChenMed CEO. "We'll soon be operating nearly 95 primary care centers in 12 states, in the neighborhoods where they are most needed.

How large is ChenMed?

We have grown from a small family practice to over 100+ centers nationwide.

Who is the CEO of ChenMed?

Dr. Chris Chen is Chief Executive Officer of ChenMed, a premier physician-led, technology-enabled healthcare organization. A champion for equitable health outcomes, ChenMed is transforming the care of underserved, overlooked seniors.

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