Who sang the original Old Rugged Cross?

What does The Old Rugged Cross symbolize?

When quoting the verse, he seemed to always have a vision of a cross — a crude Roman instrument of death. It was stained with the blood of Christ, who gave his life in order that we might become Christians. On one occasion, as he was thinking of Christ's crucifixion, an original melody ran through his mind.

Is The Old Rugged Cross a Catholic hymn?

The Old Rugged Cross - Lenten Catholic Hymn - OLMC Children's Choir - YouTube.Mar 28, 2021

Where did the song The Old Rugged Cross originate from?

The hymn was composed in Albion in Calhoun County. It was first performed in the southwestern Michigan town of Pokagon in Cass County, before a Methodist Episcopal congregation that met in a former hops barn. Courtesy photoThe classic Christian hymn "The Old Rugged Cross" was written in Albion by the Rev.Apr 23, 2011

image-Who sang the original Old Rugged Cross?
image-Who sang the original Old Rugged Cross?
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