Who sings at the beginning of One of Us?

Who is One of Us written about?

Gallagher added that lyrically, the song is about family. "Obviously, I've got a brother called Noel I don't get on with, but I've got another brother, Paul, that I do," he added. "It has got a bit of that. It's got a lot of things, really.

Is Joan Osborne religious?

As an adult, she regards herself as skeptical of large-scale organized religion and identifies as a "spiritual person" directly influenced by both Buddhism and Christianity.

What is One of Us One of Us from?

The phrase comes from a scene in the 1932 motion picture Freaks, in which the title characters chant the line "Gooble, gobble, we accept her, we accept her, one of us, one of us!" The Ramones saw Freaks at an art house cinema on a rare day off when an outdoor event they were to perform at was canceled due to bad ...

Who is the song one based on?

The song is based on the idea of a soldier losing all of his limbs and jaw and being unable to hear, speak, or see, set to a World War I backdrop. In an interview in New Zealand in 1989, Ulrich describes the movie Johnny Got His Gun as having a similar theme, and this was the reason it was incorporated into the video.

image-Who sings at the beginning of One of Us?
image-Who sings at the beginning of One of Us?
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