Who sings Ghost Town DJ My Boo?

What genre is My Boo ghost town DJs?

Ghost Town DJ's (often stylized as Ghostown DJs) is an American hip-hop group from Atlanta, Georgia whose members consist of Dj DEMP, Rodney Terry, Greg Street and Kito, which recorded the 1996 hit single, "My Boo". The song was influenced by Miami bass and was a big hit on Miami's Y100 and Power 96.

Did Lil Jon produce My Boo?

Lil Jon was a producer on Ghost Town DJ's “My Boo,” but couldn't be credited because he was an A&R for So So Def at the time—he also helped name the record. Lil Jon told Spin, “I was working A&R at So So Def. This was my first project on So So Def — first project that was mine.Sep 10, 2019

Does INOJ sing My Boo?

INOJ is often mistakenly credited for the track "My Boo (I Want To Be Your Lady Baby)", performed by the Ghost Town DJ's which had vocals by singer Virgo (who also had several songs on the So So Def Bass All-Stars compilations).

What does My Boo mean in slang?

MY BOO. Definition: My boyfriend or girlfriend. Type: Slang Word (Jargon)

When was My Boo ghost town DJS made?

Back in 1996, the music video for “My Boo” was a staple on MTV and the track became one of the summer's top hip-hop hits, reaching No.May 11, 2016

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