Who wrote Calvin Harris this is what you came for?

Was Taylor Swift supposed to sing this is what you came for?

Writing and release

Taylor Swift (pictured in 2015) co-wrote "This Is What You Came For", who was initially credited under the pseudonym Nils Sjöberg. The song also features Swift's uncredited backing vocals.

What key is this is what you came for?

About The Key Of A Minor

This Is What You Came For ft Rihanna is written in the key of A Minor. According to the Theorytab database, it is the most popular key among Minor keys and the 6th most popular among all keys.

What Rihanna song did Taylor Swift write?

Swift hasn't just written country music — she also contributed to the hit single "This Is What You Came For," performed by Calvin Harris and featuring Rihanna. At first, fans were unsure whether or not Swift had actually written the song.Jan 25, 2022

Did Calvin Harris Steal This Is What You Came For?

The truth has been revealed: Taylor really did write "This Is What You Came For!" Her rep confirmed that Taylor wrote the song under a pseudonym, Nils Sjoberg, for Calvin, and the two agreed to keep the collaboration on the down low.Jul 13, 2016

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