Who wrote NCT regular?

Who wrote NCT regular?

“The song is basically about working your way to the top, making money, having fun, and not being afraid to enjoy your wealth but at the same time remaining humble,” said Vedo, the young singer-songwriter behind the lyrics to “Regular.” At 25 years old, Vedo already has 10 years of songwriting under his belt, having ...Oct 12, 2018

Where was NCT regular filmed?

The NCT unit promoted “Regular” in the United States in the fall, and it appears that they filmed the video while having fun in Los Angeles!Dec 24, 2018

Who in NCT speaks fluent English?

Out of this group, Mark (Born in Canada) and Johnny (Born in the United States) can fluently speak English. Jaehyun also has lived in the US for 4 years so he could also speak English fluently and Ten can speak English semi-fluently as well.

Is regular by NCT or WAYV?

“Regular” was originally released in English by NCT 127 in October, and then was followed up shortly after by the release of the song in Korean.Jan 19, 2019

Does NCT have English songs?

The Latin-infused bop is the Korean group's first predominently English-language song, and it's bursting with NCT's signature bass-heavy beats and confident swagger. (Do we think these guys ever slow down?)Oct 8, 2018

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