Who wrote the music for Mystery Road?

Where is Mystery Road filmed?

Both series were shot in northern Western Australia. Series 3, directed by Dylan River, is a prequel set in 1999, titled Mystery Road: Origin. Mark Coles Smith plays a younger version of Swan.

How many seasons of mystery road are there?

Australian facourite Mystery Road is coming back for a third series, but with a major difference – star of series one and two, Aaron Pederson, is not returning in the title role. The new six-part series, has been rebranded Mystery Road: Origin and will air in Australia on ABC in 2022.Oct 14, 2021

Where is Mystery Road origin?

Mystery Road: Origin, filmed in Kalgoorlie-Boulder and Coolgardie, in WA's Goldfields-Esperance Region, explores how a tragic death, an epic love, and the brutal reality of life as a police officer straddling two worlds form the indelible mould out of which will emerge, Detective Jay Swan.Jun 7, 2022

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image-Who wrote the music for Mystery Road?
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