Why do they say bye Felicia?

What movie is bye Felicia from?

We have Ice Cube's 1995 classic, Friday, to thank for the very useful phrase “Bye, Felicia”: In the movie, his character gets rid of a freeloading neighbor with this curt, simple phrase. Bye, Felicia.Aug 13, 2015

What does Felisha mean?

In Latin Baby Names the meaning of the name Felisha is: Happy.

What does it mean to call someone a Felicia?

In American English, the phrase "Bye, Felicia" (actually spelled "Felisha" in the cast listing) is an informal phrase intended as a dismissive send-off, where the recipient is rendered so unimportant their name is reduced to "Felicia." The phrase originally comes from a scene from Angela Means' character Felicia in the ...

image-Why do they say bye Felicia?
image-Why do they say bye Felicia?
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