Why is my kief dark?

Is Keef Brown?

Kief is usually darker than trichomes, ranging from gold to brown. It's a powdery substance that is somewhat sticky, though less so than trichomes on a bud.Jan 10, 2022

Does kief go stale?

Like all other plants, marijuana leaves, buds, and Kief, too, will go bad. You can't precisely determine its shelf life because it doesn't expire like processed food.Sep 4, 2022

What does a kief do?

Simply put, smoking kief gives a much stronger effect than regular cannabis flowers. Rather than sitting somewhere between 12% and 25% THC, kief (depending on purity) can be up to 70% THC -- this means that you get a much stronger effect from less material smoked.Jan 4, 2016

image-Why is my kief dark?
image-Why is my kief dark?
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